January: 25

February: 51












2018 Total: 532

2017 Total: 516

2016 Total: 405

2015 Total: 475

2014 Total: 430

2013 Total: 463


Howdy Ponder! Well we made it into a new year, Thank the Lord!! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, spending time with family and friends and most of the THE FOOD!! Hello new year's resolutions right? Riiight! 

We did get some cold weather and it seems that folks have been reading our posts as we didn't have any calls related to the fire hazards we posted to watch out for.  I am sure we will have more cold weather before April. Keeping our fingers crossed we don't have an ice event. Our thoughts go out to our fellow citizens and first responders living up North. SOOOO absolutely very glad we do not have to deal with that. But just keep in mind if we do to be careful on the roads, driveways, sidewalks, etc. Keep that extra distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Here is a year in review for you:

Your PVFD responded to 532 calls last year and your firefighters VOLUNTEERED 1095 man hours to handle these responses.  We purchased a new set of rescue tools commonly known as the Jaws of Life, vehicle stabilization struts use to stabilize vehicle when they are on their side or other unbalanced positions. These struts can also be use to support a load in a residential structure should there be a collapse. We also purchase hi pressure air lifting bags. These bags can lift a load as big and heavy as our tankers. The afore mentioned purchases were partially funded by the Texas Forest Service and Co-Serv Charitable Foundation. Absolutely no way we can thank them enough. We purchased new radios as our current ones became obsolete at the end of last year. Thank you to the Town of Ponder for their assistance in funding the purchase. So very much appreciated!! Our fundraiser was a success and is always due to the support of our community. We wouldn't be successful with out YOU!. We raised a little over $21,000! And speaking of fundraiser MAY 18 IS THE DATE!! Yes, it is coming up quick. We will have more information in the days and months to come.

The biggest positive of the year was that we had no serious injuries to any of our firefighters and no fire fatalities. Hopefully and with the Lord's Blessing it will be the same this year. 

January was a very quite month as compared to last year. The PVFD responded to 25 incidents (51 last January) and members gave up 96 man hours to take care of these calls. Thank you to our members for their CONTINUED dedication to this organization and this community. A special thanks to the families for supporting their loved ones. 

Take care Ponder, stay safe and God Bless!